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NY Times 6/15/2012
“Mr. Schulte, a longtime teaching artist at the institute, is a player of ferocious focus and clarity.”

NY Times 6/22/2010
“vital, fresh installment (of the IFCP) at the Poisson Rouge”

Sequenza 21 6/18/2010
“Fumarole was a mind-blowing conclusion to an outstanding evening of extended techniques. Anyone who thinks that ‘special effects’ can’t be used in a purposeful fashion to create well-integrated
compositions needs to hear Robert Dick in recital.”

NY Times 6/17/2010
“Marc Ponthus . . . played (movements of Boulez’s Third Piano Sonata) as powerfully and dramatically as they can be played, and he gave a virtuosic account of the First Sonata.”

NY Times 6/18/2008
“a performance of the Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord (1952) by four of the group’s younger players – Jennifer Grim, the flutist; James Austin Smith, the oboist; Michael Nicolas, the cellist; and Gabriel Shuford, the harpsichordist – was assured, polished and beautifully nuanced”

NY Times 6/18/2007
” . . . when Marc Ponthus opened the first concert . . . with an exhilarating account of that piece, it seemed to herald a radical break from convention, along with a compelling embrace of the new and unexpected.” (about Xenakis’s Mists)

NY Times 6/30/2006
“The violinist David Fulmer, the percussionist Luke Rinderknecht, and the pianist Daniela Mineva gave an assured and vibrant performance that in another context, say, on a program by the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, would have stolen the show.”

NY Times 6/26/2006
“Instruction came in the form of assault: blows to the keyboard with elbows, forearms and palms, episodes violent to the point that Marc Ponthus, the evening’s intrepid pianist, wore cut-off gloves as a kind of body armor.” (about Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke X)

NY Times 6/18/2005
“Mr. Dick, a flutist whose technical resources and imagination seem limitless, devoted his part of the program largely to his own fascinatingly idiosyncratic works . . . Mr. Schulte was at his best in Earl Kim’s Caprices (1980), a set of short but vital character pieces. He also played Stefan Wolpe’s ”Second Piece” (1966) and Donald Martino’s Fantasy-Variations (1962) with an intensity that largely overcame the dry writing.”

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