Contemporary music is too often prepared, performed and heard in a sort of “new music ghetto” – as though it existed outside the historic musical continuum and in some academic isolation from other contemporary musical genres. IFCP considers how contemporary music responds to the old and otherwise new, whether through inspiration, rebellion or coexistence.

IFCP was created to push musicians out of their intellectual and creative ghettos and into sharing creative explorations of different musical perspectives. It brings together the most talented young instrumentalists and vocalists in the United States and abroad to work with established and experienced musicians around a series of concerts, lectures, symposia, conversations, workshops, and master classes that explore the multiple experiments in today’s musical domains, along with the great works of the avant-garde.

Student participants have multiple performance opportunities, both in the Institute and the Festival, where a select few are given the chance to perform in collaboration with the guest artists. The Institute and Festival aim not only at presenting concerts at the highest level within a forum of ideas and educational support, but also at integrating the younger generation of performers within the larger New York cultural reservoir and its multifaceted possibilities. By doing so, it addresses a clearly emerging need and demand both from young musicians and the public.

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