What will the format be for the festival in terms of workshops, rehearsals, concerts, etc.? What will the daily schedule be like? What are the requirements and expectations during the festival for attending workshops/rehearsals that I am not taking part in?
Each participant can expect to play in about 3 coachings, 2 concerts, and 1 to 2 daily large ensemble rehearsals. The exact coaching and rehearsal schedule will be announced 2-3 weeks before the start of the festival. A typical day includes: 1-2 workshops (2 hours each) – participants are encouraged to listen to all workshops; 1-4 hours of ensemble rehearsals scheduled between 9am and 10pm (participants may attend large ensemble rehearsals they don’t play in); personal practice time and smaller ensemble rehearsals that participants will schedule themselves.

What time am I expected to arrive on the first day and leave on the last day of the festival?
The Orientation Meeting will take place at 11am the first day of the festival. Many participants will perform in the final concert on the evening of the last day of the festival and attendance is also required for those who won’t perform. We all go for a drink after the last concert, so please join and expect to be completely done around midnight.

What do I do if I have other concert activities (unrelated to IFCP) during the festival?
Please let us know if you have other commitments as soon as possible. It is extremely difficult to make a schedule for the festival and it will be best if participants are available every day all day. We do understand that you may have other concerts or important rehearsals though. So please let us know ahead of time –no later than mid-May – if there is something that must take place during the IFCP.

What pieces will I be playing? How many solo/duo/chamber pieces will I be playing?
You will bring solo and/or duo repertoire of your choice (at least 2 pieces). Participation in large ensemble pieces will be assigned to participants. You will play in 1-2 large ensembles.

When will I know what chamber pieces I will be playing in? When will I get my part?
The large ensemble pieces will be assigned in late April and parts will be sent out right away.

Is there a limitation on how many solo works or how long the works could be? Which solo/duo pieces will I perform? Do I get to choose which pieces to perform?
You decide what pieces to bring to the festival and there is no limitation on composers or types of pieces. Pieces that you would like to play at the workshops should not exceed 20 minutes. Pieces that you would like to perform should not exceed 10 minutes. The coaches, IFCP director Marc Ponthus and you will decide together which solo/duo piece you will perform (usually only 1).

Is a piece with piano considered a solo work? Do I need to bring my own pianist?
A piece with piano is considered a duo. You do not need to bring your own pianist, unless you decide to enroll as a duo. Please let us know if you would like to play a duo and need a partner, so we can match you with another participant.

Is there any limitation on piano repertoire that requires use of the interior of the piano?
Please let us know if any pieces you bring to the festival require that you play inside the piano. Basic extended techniques in the interior of the piano, such as plucking strings, are usually not a problem. But you must consult with us before marking any keys/strings with pieces of tape. Please also be aware that Mannes regulations require all pieces of tape to be removed after each rehearsal/performance. So you will need to plan extra time before and after rehearsals/performances and we will need to take that time into consideration when making the schedule. If you need to prepare the interior of the piano or touch the strings with tools, please be in touch with us first. We will need special approval from Mannes and cannot guarantee that all such pieces may be practices & performed at Mannes.

What if I have any tech needs?
There is an audio system available in both workshop halls. The concert hall has speakers hanging above the front of the stage (directed to the audience). Mannes or IFCP cannot provide on-stage speakers. An IFCP staff member will need to sign out a key to the audio system whenever you need it. So please let us know when you need us there with the key ahead of time.

Is it easy to find a practice space at Mannes when there are not commitments for IFCP? Is there any way I could come into Mannes on Saturday and Sunday before festival start to practice?
Yes, there will be plenty of available practice and rehearsal rooms during the festival. IFCP participants will only be allowed into Mannes the first day of the festival.

Is there a possibility of getting a locker or other space to store my violin while I am not at the Mannes campus? Do I need to bring my own locker?
Yes, lockers will be provided. Yes, you need to bring your own lock.

Is there any place to park all day for a reasonable amount of money, or would driving into the city be wishful thinking?
Street parking is very difficult around Mannes. Look for parking garages in the area.

Does Mannes have a harp? What about percussion instruments? Will IFCP have an alto flute available for me to borrow, or will I need to provide one?
Yes, Mannes has a harp and a lot of percussion instruments. We will be in touch with percussionists directly about the exact instrumentation of their pieces. You will need to bring your own alto flute or borrow one elsewhere. Mannes cannot lend any instruments that can be taken out of the building. It’s a matter of insurance.

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