Opening Concert – Polymedia continuous performance
Wednesday, June 17, 8pm
Music by Boulez, Stockhausen, Outis
Performed by Marc Ponthus, piano; IFCP Players
$25 at the door

Concert II – Third Stream Tangents
Thursday, June 18, 8pm
Music by David Sanford, Igor Stravinsky, Charles Mingus/Jack Walrath
Performed by David Sanford, conductor; the Pittsburgh Collective; Mariam Adam, clarinet
$25 at the door

Concert III – Solo Violin and Yarn/Wire Duo
Friday, June 19, 8pm
Music by Iannis Xenakis, Kaija Saariaho, Brian Ferneyhough and John Mackey
Performed by Miranda Cuckson, solo violin;
Music by Davið Brynjar Franzson, Klaus Lang and Anna Thorvaldsdottìr
Performed by Yarn/Wire members Russell Greenberg and Laura Barger, piano and percussion

$25 at the door

Festival Concerts
Sunday, June 21, 8pm
Music by Carter, Stravinsky, Leroux, Wolpe, Berio, Webern, Ablinger, Druckman, Roubos, Lang, Aperghis
Free admission

Monday, June 22, 8pm
Music by Aperghis, Kurtag, Schoenfield, Shapey, Murail, Stockhausen, Davidovsky, Takemitsu, O’Callaghan
Free admission

Mannes Concert Hall
150 W 85th Street

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